Tags: Subcriptions and Pricing FAQs

Q: How much are Activity Factory Subscriptions?

All subscriptions are PHP 9,999 or USD 199 (VAT Inclusive) per month.

Look at pricing here.

Q: How do I get started?

Look at the steps here.

Q: How often do you bill?

Billing starts the 1st calendar day of the next month. Then the 1st of the month thereafter.

So if you signed up on the June 15, billing starts on July 1.

Q: Can I get a discount on pre-payment?

Yes, 6 months (2.5% Discount), 12 months (5% discount)

Q: Is there a lock-in period?

No except for pre-paid and discounted subscriptions.

Q: Do you customize workflows for Subscriptions?

No, each workflow was designed with simplicity and best practice in mind. If the workflows does not fit how your business operates, you can opt for Enterprise Licensing.

Q: Can we add additional workflows for Subscriptions?

Yes, just select from prebuilt workflows, additional fees will apply

Q: How many users can we add for Subscriptions?

There is no user limit, you can add as many as necessary for your business.