Tags: Acivity Factory, Enterprise Licensing

Q: What are the different Licensing Schemes for Enterprise?

We offer Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition and High Availability Editions of Activity Factory.

Standard Edition - Limited to 100 Users, Turn-Key Licensing

Enterprise Edition - Unlimited Users, Turn-Key Licensing

High Availability - Unlimited Users, Dual Cluster Setups, Turn-Key Licensing 

Q: Are there any Annual Support Packages?


Annual support packages include;

  • Upgrade Assurance
  • Support Credits (Number of Incidents per Year)
  • Email and Phone Support

Q:  Should my company go for Enterprise Licensing?

If you are in any of these situations, yes.

Business Size

Greater than 200 employees and each employee are part of the some workflow.

If you have more than 200 employees but only require some people to be part of the some workflows, then you can probably start with subcriptions and upgrade as the need grows.

On-Premise or Private Cloud Requirement

If your company policies indicates an on-premise solution or a private cloud one.

A private cloud is a cloud hosting that is dedicated to your company only.  We recommend using Microsoft Azure.

Complex Workflows

You have complex business processes that do not fit any of our standard workflows.

Database Integration

You have existing databases or systems in place, that you want the workflows to interact with.