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Introduction to Workflow Automation

Join us for a short 4-hour seminar and understand how workflow automation can help your business.

The seminar will help you understand

  • How workflow can be applied to your business
  • How it alleviates stress and give you peace of mind 
  • How it can double staff efficiency and consistency of service
  • How it can cut costs on training

Workflow Software

A workflow software is a type of software that automates processes.  A full definition can be found here. (What is a workflow?)  See how it helps you track progress here.

Seminar Outline

Introduction to workflow automation

  • Activity Factory Presentation 

How workflow automation improves efficiency

  • Works 24x7
  • Standard and consistent execution of processes
  • Automation simplifies training 

Productivity Demo

  • Work coordination
  • Documentation and checklists
  • Tracking progress of all processes
  • Going mobile
  • Security with One-Time Passwords 

Getting Started

  • Starter Packages
  • Why Microsoft Azure?


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