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Workflow automation for an efficient sales order management


The majority of the complaints made by customers are usually due to the mistakes in orders. The processing of sales orders is a pillar of the competency of an organization. If the workflow is developed in a competent loop, the satisfaction of customers, and a proper sales record system is guaranteed.  


With the traditional or manual means of processing, the orders go from reception to the confirmation point, then to packaging and delivery. From one part of the workflow to another, there is an uncertainty of the validation of information provided on the sales order form.


Also, missing orders are quite common especially when large numbers are processed at the same time. Does it reflect an incompetent workflow? Not necessarily. No matter how meticulous a company is, mistakes will definitely happen. However, the use of a manual workflow for managing the sales order process does not guarantee accuracy, timeliness, and completeness. This is why sales order process automation is necessary.



Advantages of Automating Sales Order Management Workflow

How will automation boost the orderliness and progression of sales order processing?

  • Faster Service Delivery

An automated workflow reduces the chances of discrepancies. Communication between each body contained within the flow of work is easier and hence processing is faster. Service delivery time reduces and customers are able to receive orders quickly.

  • Creates Good Sales Tracking System

Sales on a system automated will lay a foundation for information storage. The creation of this good sales tracking system will be of great advantage when handling mistakes and customers complaint. The right section of the workflow is easily identified for mistakes. Good sales order record management will aid in measuring progress and preparing progress reports.

  • Improves Customer Relationship

The relationship with customers can be boosted by an automatic system. The fast service delivery time improves the relationship and reliability of a customer. On request, customers are able to know the position where their order is at. Compared to a manual system where the relationship between sections of the workflow is not efficiently managed.

  • Elimination of Paper Work, Elimination of Disorderliness

Paperwork is a very sensitive method of storing and processing information. Mistakes made in preparation and loss is definitely a risk. An automated system programmed for efficient workflow eliminates the disorderliness and disadvantages paperwork and the manual system encourages.

  • Improves Company Image

The reviews of customers are usually based on the timeliness of service delivery and the ability to get the right information on complaints and inquiries. Positive feedbacks can boost a company's image.  Improving the sales order workflow by switching to an automated system will greatly benefit customer relations and subsequently impact the company image.


Sales Order Automation with Activity Factory

Manual sales order processing is prone to errors, order fulfillment delays, and directly impacts a business's revenue stream.

Automating sales order management is proven to be effective in increasing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction and decrease manual efforts by 80%.

Activity Factory is a workflow automation tool that allows companies to build consistent and auditable compliance and operational workflows, ensuring that the right processes are followed at the right time while staying compliant.


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