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HR automation: Automating recruitment & selection workflow


The organizational system is one built to flow according to a specific order which aids fast and quality work done within a limited time. This workflow is applied to recruiting and selecting new staff. The recruitment and selection workflow involves every aspect of hiring from identifying the need for new staff within a given department through acquiring an individual or individuals to fit the required position.

The responsibilities contained within the workflow are majorly handled by the HR department. A sorely human manual system can be biased. The intrinsics contained within recruiting a new hire is also quite tedious, considering the thousands of applications that need to be screened thoroughly. It might be quite difficult to phantom how automation of recruitment workflow will affect an organization and how the system actually works. So here is how an Automated Recruitment Workflow works.



How Automation Of Recruitment & Selection Workflow Works


Any system being automated runs on software that is programmed to run different tasks. The recruitment and selection workflow is not any different. This automation uses HR software to recruit and select candidates. The programmed tasks include either specific parts or all steps in the workflow. The different tasks given in sequential order are described below:


  • Sourcing and Engaging

The description of the specific position to be offered is inputted in the system software which subsequently begins sourcing and engaging prospects for the position. Some applications are specifically designed for the purpose of sourcing and engagement. This task cancels out the need for an independent approach to job advertisement agencies.

  • Selection and Screening

Several applications are submitted when a job is posted. A great number of them have inadequate qualifications and disqualifying content. The screening weeds off unqualified candidates and some programs go as far as running background checks through social media accounts.

  • Assessment

Qualitative and quantitative reasoning tests taken to test the intelligent quotient of candidates, whose applications passed screening are quite common. This measures the ability of a person to respond to situations and occurrences familiar to the job in question. Assessment is like the exam done online before the interview.

  • Interview Scheduling

In order to get a personal view of the automated selected candidates, the HR handles interviews. The system works in sending out emails and scheduling interviews with selected and assessed prospects.

  • Candidate Tracking

It will seem that hiring is concluded after interviews but tracking candidates to ensure that the chosen hires accept the conditions of employment is required. This is the final task performed by the software which will monitor a new hire from their application to employment confirmation.


Advantages of an Electronic Recruitment & Selection Workflow


 This automated system is important and has the following advantages over a manually run recruitment and selection workflow:


  • Reduces Human Resources workload

  • Unbiased selection and screening process

  • Utilizes a system that perfectly manages the recruiter-prospect relationship

  • Hasten recruitment process

  • Ensures competency of newly hired staff


Recruitment & Selection Workflow Automation with Activity Factory


The Recruitment and Selection Workflow has a tremendous impact on its ability to attract highly qualified and skilled talents. With the multiple steps, people, and approvals involved in the process, it can be challenging to speed up the process and achieve accuracy and consistency.

Automating this process with Activity Factory addresses these challenges and enables the HR team to spend more time evaluating candidates and less time on manual recruitment tasks. 

Activity Factory is a workflow automation tool that allows companies to build consistent and auditable compliance and operational workflows, ensuring that the right processes are followed at the right time while staying compliant.


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