HR Automation: Focus on people by automating these manual workflows



There has been a rapid change in how organizations carry out their operations. With most companies committing to digital transformation, reliance has shifted to many modern methods of doing things, doing a complete overhaul of all outdated business processes. However, it is important to note that the commitment to digital transformation does not just mean the adoption of new technology, it also encompasses having to rethink the organization’s operations from the lowest level to the top management.

With most employees expressing dissatisfaction with how organizations are doing things, companies are being forced to introduce people operations in an attempt to revolutionize their human resource experience. People operations focus on ensuring compliance, administering benefits, work facilitation, and affording help to employees.


HR workflows that you should automate


1. Recruitment & Selection

The recruitment and selection workflow involves every aspect of hiring from identifying the need for new staff within a given department to acquiring an individual or individuals to fit the required position. The responsibilities contained within the workflow are majorly handled by the HR department. A sorely human manual system can be biased. The intrinsics contained within recruiting a new hire is also quite tedious, considering the thousands of applications that need to be screened thoroughly. It might

2. Onboarding

Despite the unemployment rate, recruiting new employees is a time-intensive and costly task for companies. Yet, most organizations spend little time in making sure that these talents feel valued enough to stay in the company for a long time. A company’s onboarding process can create an impact on employee retention. With the multitude of steps associated with employee onboarding, automation can streamline disparate steps in the workflow and ensure a quick and smooth onboarding experience for new hires. With a well-documented employee onboarding process mapped out and automated in a workflow software, HR teams can onboard new hires efficiently and consistently.


3. Documented Reprimand

This ensures that reprimands and corrective actions are properly documented. An automated workflow includes the attachment of memos,  employee notification, and confirmation, for easier access, tracking, and retrieval. This ensures that all reprimands are managed in a properly documented process.

4. Regulatory Submissions

Regulatory requirements have to be complied with by businesses in order to operate legally. This makes the Regulatory Submission Process tremendously important.  This process demands extensive collaboration among internal and external stakeholders and involves a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy.  

Activity Factory can expedite the regulatory submission process by automating Regulatory Submission from start to finish, ensuring consistent execution of the process,  accountability, and adherence to timelines.


5. Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

Businesses, even the large and established ones, struggle with goal alignment. An automated Performance Improvement Plan workflow enables companies to more effectively communicate, align goals across the organization and helps employees work more efficiently. It supports the documentation of actions, which makes this complex process less difficult and more effective.


6. Employee Offboarding

The employee offboarding process can be difficult to manage, and shouldn't be put in the backburner. When a team member leaves the organization, there are multiple things that need to be done. This can be effectively managed by a checklist, but a checklist has to be ticked off by an individual which can be taxing, considering the number of people involved in the whole process. With an automated workflow, the process will carry out automatically since the system is in charge, from the beginning of the process until the end. 


7. Leave Applications 

Most employees feel that the most important role played by the HR department is the approval of PTO and vacation requests. However, from the HR department’s side, managing such requests is a nightmare and especially where manual handling is required. Introducing workflow automation will ensure that approvals are executed in time and automatically without any manual checks or handling. Additionally, automation will schedule the approvals according to date and can help show the number of employees on vacation and those waiting to go.


8. Employee provisioning

Technological advancement has eased communication, thereby leaving organizational employee predisposed to a number of chat apps even in the organization’s premises. While all these applications make communication easy, having to switch back and forth between them and work applications tends to be timely and lowers productivity. One can automate employee provisioning by using chatbots embedded in the work software facilitating both communication and work without having to deal with issues of time wastage and reduced productivity.3. Retirement and promotion. One of the most challenging tasks experienced by the Human Resource department is having to keep up with the employees and their ever-changing roles. Employees often undergo promotions or even switch their teams. With every new role that an employee assumes, there are new tools that he or she has to work with and permissions and access that he or she is given to facilitate their maximum productivity. Automating the retirement and promotion process will ensure that any changes that an employee undergoes are synced and that automatic provision of tools and resources is carried out effectively.


9. Employee Feedback & Satisfaction 

The HR department is also responsible for maintaining employee satisfaction during their stay in the organization. Employee satisfaction is key as it ensures a lower employee turnover and increased productivity. Employee feedback is crucial since it helps gauge the level of satisfaction experienced by the employees. However, the collection of feedback is labor-intensive and daunting. The collection of feedback can be automated by creating a much easier means of submitting feedback, for example, through online surveys sent to the employees via email. Additionally, the organization can automate the process to ensure that employees are subjected to such surveys on a regular basis.

Dealing with employees is not an easy task, but automation will ensure that the task is made much easy and that employees are managed through better humane practices.


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