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Healthcare Automation: Transform healthcare processes with workflow automation



Healthcare management is a very complex task that involves various processes such as the management of inventory, logistics, legal issues, patients, staff, and finances, among others. The processes can be paper-intensive and demanding when carried out manually. With healthcare data being sensitive, the need for automation becomes a necessity. Here are some of the healthcare processes that can be automated:


Medical documentation

Very few healthcare institutions have databases of medical records, which undergo comprehensive updates while maintaining full comprehension when subjected to other subsequent healthcare practitioners and providers. Automating the documentation of medical records will result in consistent updates of all patient records and information every time they undergo treatment. Healthcare institutions can also utilize cloud-based databases in securing and maintaining easy access to medical documents.


Patient discharge and admission approvals

Any healthcare institution will be characterized by a number of patients being admitted and discharged from the institution each day. While details such as the physical conditions vary from one patient to another, one common factor remains which is approvals. Manual processes often lead to time wastage resulting from delays involving receipt and signing off a patient’s paperwork for admission or for discharge. Automating this aspect of healthcare will ensure the real-time approval of admission or discharge requests. Doctors can also utilize mobile apps in approving discharge requests without being present in the hospital. Automation also ensures that approvals are not faked since there is a record of the time-stamp to which each approval was made.


Patient reminder

Making calls to each patient to place a reminder on their appointment is not a wise way to spend time in a healthcare setting. The automation of this process through various reminder software ensures that the client gets reminders through voice, text, and email notifications about his or her lab work report, annual check-ups, and upcoming hospital appointment. Time and resources previously used in calling each patient can be utilized in bettering other aspects of healthcare services in that institution.


Staff scheduling process

Manual staff scheduling processes are bound to have issues such as duplication or errors. To ensure that this does not happen, it is key for hospital managers to automate their staff scheduling process. Automation generates accurate schedules with minimal chances of errors and duplication. Additionally, it ensures the smooth transition of the entities included in the schedule and that there are backup individuals who step in, in the case of emergencies or absent staff, thereby maintaining productivity at a maximum. 


Staff onboarding

An automated onboarding sets a good impression on new employees and has a direct effect on employee trust. A manual onboarding process is not doing companies any favor due to its lengthy and error-prone nature.

An automated workflow makes sure that every step in the process is properly orchestrated, and the need for multiple copies will be eliminated. Process owners will be automatically notified, ensuring that the tasks won’t slip through the cracks.


Digital transformation starts with automating healthcare processes

Digital transformation in the healthcare sector means using various digital platforms and making it all work togetherFor businesses in the healthcare sector, compliance and accountability are crucial. Automated healthcare processes provide better internal control and alleviate regulatory compliance headaches, and improve overall operations.

Activity Factory is a workflow automation tool that allows companies to build consistent and auditable compliance and operational workflows, ensuring that the right processes are followed at the right times while staying compliant.


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