Tags: Activity Factory, Storage Capacity


Mobile Dashboard

Provides a summary of the number of processes (work items) for each status.

Open - Work that is currently underway

Overdue - Work that has passed the prescribed timeline to finish

Completed - Work that has been completed.

Cancelled - Work that has been stopped.


Task and Workload Graph

Indicates what type of workflows are being used within the business and the percentage to total each workflow is consuming.

The graph also shows the number of work items per day of the week.  This helps identify the busy and not so busy days.


Process Browser

This table gives users the run down of everything that is going on in the business. 


  • List of processes
  • Steps to complete
  • Current step for each process
  • Overall progress
  • Age and due dates
  • Person responsible


Mobile Approvals

Provides Activity Factory users the ability to transact while on the road.  Maximize time spent on traffic and general travel.